About Us

We are a design studio of architecture and landscaping with the main office located in Canary Island. One of the most important tourist destinations in Europe, where many of our projects and recognition are located, which have catapulted us to an international expansion of success.

Hotel Meliá Villaitana

Hotel Meliá Villaitana, Its traditional architecture lends the complex a Mediterranean flair, incorporating restored ancient buildings of the area, like the almudín, the old town church, and so on.

The responsible and founder architect, Juan Carlos Piñeiro, has more than 30 years of experience in the design and construction of Hotels, Residential development, Luxury Villas and Masterplan. The studio combines the experience of a renowned architect supported by an experienced work team, with the illusion of young people in expansion, led by the architect Irma Piñeiro who, with exquisite training and avant-garde vision, endow the studio with an approach that combines to perfection the experience with the innovation, the classic with the avant-garde design, the traditional with the modern…

Each project is the result of a process of understanding the needs of the client and the application of talent, creativity and accumulated experience to get the best result.

Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque Resort

Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque Resort

The originality of the idea, just us the use of the traditional architecture in its design caused an important impact in the Hotel Industry. Reference tourist Hotel for the Canary Islands, it receives several Architecture and Hotel Industry awards.

The Grand Hotel Sharm el Sheikh

The Grand Hotel Sharm el Sheikh

The interplay between desert and sea lends its special atmosphere to this luxury resort on the southern tip of Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

Sanctuary Cap Cana

Sanctuary Cap Cana Resort

One of the luxury hotels in Cap Cana, with a traditional and caribbean architecture, different from the rest and attains a harmony between the new and the old.