Project Description

Pyramid Masterplan


The interplay between desert and sea lends its special atmosphere to this luxury resort on the southern tip of Hurghada. The Pyramid Masterplan project aims to achieve the harmonic synthesis of nature and culture by integrating historical elements in the magnificent area where is located. It has three hotels, a spa and a commercial, recreation and leisure area. With a total area of 200.000 square meters and a final amount of 1136 rooms. This resort is characterize by being surrounded by a navigable river located in the central. This river connects each one of the hotels as well as the leisure area. The client can take a typical boat (falua) and move around the whole complex through this navigable river, the small boats stopped in different areas until they arrive at the two great receptions with pyramidal form of the two hotels as well as to a third pyramid that housing the spa and the beauty center.

  • Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt.

  • 5 hotels
  • Golf Valley.

  • Shopping Centre