Project Description

Sunwing Waterworld Resort

It is mainly devoted to children, opening their imagination to all games having to do with water, from water slides to rivers, including Ferris wheels, water polo pools, swimming pools, etcetera. All is designed with an architecture of a fortified style, with elements like the spiral minaret of the “Great Mosque of Samarra”, where the spiral is actually a water slide, the water wheel of “At Hama in Syria”, transformed in a wooden Ferris wheel, the “Qasr Kharan castle”, which houses the reception, the fortified mosque of “Susa”, where the buffet takes place, and the monastery of “Bibat”, where the rooms are located.

  • Hurghada, Egypt.
  • Category :
  • Water Park
  • 612 Rooms.
  • 7 restaurants.
  • Client: Red Sea Hotels